HSBC credit card ATM withdrawal charge?

Found 10th Feb 2009
Random question, but does anyone know how much they charge you for a withdrawal?


Random Answer = £50

I think it changes...Im sure I have paid different charges depending on where the ATM was...Think its usually about £1.50/75 but I remember when I was inside an arena one charged me over £3 to get cash out!!!

2.5% or a minimum of £2.50... Under charges ]

cant you go to a supermarket and buy a choccy bar and get cashback?

Ive never had a credit card so im not sure how they work.

ooooo credit card...sorry...ignore my post, i thought u meant using a bank card in them machines that charge..sorry!!!

you can get cashback @ tesco etc by going instore ...... no charges for this either as its counted as a transaction

i hope you dont mean credit card, getting cash out on a credit card is tanatamont to burning money, DONT DO IT, short of needing the money for a life-saving operation ;-)

Other half used HSBC CC to get cash out last year (was an emergency) he was charged 3%
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