HTC Desire

    What are people's opinions of this phone?

    Bit worried about battery life..



    its a good phone, the battery life isnt that bad, what attracts you to the phone? if its android there are better phones coming out soon, When i had the phone i got 36 hours out of it from the box, i soon switched to a galaxy s which is a slightly better phone and has a better battery life i get round a day and 3/4 out of it with 2 1/2 hours music hour of calls quite a bit of whatsapp, 30mins of pro evo, hour of msn, 5 minutes of editin a office doc, and 30 mins net. I liked the htc desire but the colour put me off and the fact i culdnt see it in sunlight very well. I liked the user interface, and having a flash on the camera.
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    Well every review I have read says it's really good and after cashback I can get it for £12.50 a month after cashback.

    There are 2 things that stop this phone from being amazing. Firstly, its true what they tell you about the battery life. It needs recharging...frequently! I have a charger at home, at work and one in the car just in case! Secondly, the internal memory is TINY! Even with the MOVE TO SD feature that came with Froyo the internal memory is filled up REALLY quickly with apps and stuff (Mainly because most of the Google software such as Google maps, Translate, Mail etc cannot be moved to SD and are take up a lot of space).

    I'd say both of these 'problems' are testament to the quality of this phone and the reason the battery runs out all the time is because I'm on it all the time!!

    Hope that helps!

    Desire is not bad phone and much much better than HTC Desire HD in terms of battery life. No doubt that Samsung Galaxy S is bit better than Desire.

    Someone has posted a deal today for HTC Desire for £240 from P4U.
    Here is the deal:-…166

    In terms of money I think it would not be a bad idea to get this phone rather to pay ££ for Samsung. Get PAYG sim for £10P/M from Gifgaff or Three network and you can't go wrong. This also means that you don't need to get into a long contract and particularly that dodgy cashbacks schemes.

    Just to enhance battery life just turn off syncs and internet mobile network when not needed. Want more!!!..... Three has announced that all HTC Desire will get Android 2.3 in Q2. Although, new Deisre S is hitting the UK market in April but that be appx £450 (handset price only) with no big changes in terms of interface. Go for Desire as value for money and no contract obligation. If you change your mind atfter few months sell it and get another one may be a LG
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    good phone

    The phone will definitely give you 48hrs use under these conditions (i have Hd, my mate has normal):

    sync facebook / hotmail every 4 hrs. no other sync.
    games - <2hrs
    internet - <1hr wifi
    calls - <1hr
    text - <50
    dload - <100 meg over wifi
    Screen brightness Wifi, and internet only on when needed.

    We both live in poor signal areas. GPS will kill your battery life fast, so will syncing lots of other random apps. also do not use an app killer.

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    Cheers :), I have ordered for 12.50 a month.
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