HTC Desire HD - 18 Month Contract - Best Deal


    Absolute nightmare searching on this site sometimes.

    Anyone able to point me in the direction of the best deal (cheapest) for a HTC Desire HD, with an 18 month contract and data included. Also at a min, 300 minutes as part of the contract.

    No redemption offers please - can't stand them



    Just doing a quick search the one below isn't too bad - 300 mins and 300 texts and unlimited internet. 18 month contract and free handset. No redemption to worry about and £15 automatic cashback and £30 cashback if you go through quidco. £25 per month. Others can probably find better but just a quick search.

    If others find better please post.

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    Thats a bloody good deal mate, thanks. Wonder if anyone can find cheaper.


    Thats a bloody good deal mate, thanks. Wonder if anyone can find cheaper.

    Not too bad for 18 months - unsure how long it lasts as on the pic of the phone it says "big Feb deals end today" however could just be a marketing ploy and simply get extended.

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    Just wanted to say thanks

    Did further searching – seems the cheapest with internet and good amount of mins / texts.

    Added the unlimited landline booster for an extra £5, as you can cancel or change it every 30 days.

    Means that i can keep it for 12 months, drop the booster, sell the Phone for £150 and pay off the remaining term and change again.

    Was going to go for the HTC Incredible S – but seems like the same phone – only smaller. Also more expensive on contract.
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    Hope you enjoy your new phone. I did a similar contract with same company last year (on a T-Mobile deal) and the fact you can swap the boosters each month is quite good - we go abroad a few times so just add the Euro booster before we go and works out great.

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    Yeah, i’m not a massive fan of T-Mobile personally. But since they’ve given everyone the ability to roam on Orange, it’s definitely more appealing.

    I’ve got an iPhone 4 – but managed to get out of my contract early due to a T&C change. Decided i may aswell sell it, as i’d quite like to go back onto Android.

    While i love the iPhone 4 – i find Internet browser so much better on a large mobile. Even going from the Desire to the iPhone 4, the size difference was very noticeable.

    Unfortunately i like to go on 12 or 18 month contacts at the most. If it’s an 18 month, the contract has to be cheap enough so i can i’ll be able to pay it off by selling the phone after 12 months, as i like to swap and change allot.

    Booster is great, as most my calls are to Landlines anyway. So the mins only being 300 isn’t an issue. I also go abroad for work, so the ability to change that will be handy. Although work tend to cover any mobile use when you’re away, providing you don’t go mental.
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