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Just got one of these, overall I'm really pleased with the phone however I do have some annoyances.

The obvious major one being the battery life. I'm not even getting a full day out of the phone, admittedly I am probably using it a lot as its new but I would still expect to get at least 24hrs.

Just wondering how everyone else is getting on their new phone. Any problems, annoyances, app recommendations etc.


hi if its the same battery as the desire it took about 2 weeks before the battery seems to get a longer life weird i know but stick with it.

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I had read somewhere that the battery gets a bit better with use. So I'm holding off complaining about it too much till then

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I have one of those pouches, it seems good quality, fits really tightly and the ribbon/tab thing to get the phone out is useful.

Did you charge it fully before using it for the first time?

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The only other thing to mention apps are great on it when i first got my desire i went a bit mad and ending up with about 150 apps which semed to nearly kill it.So after sending to htc hospital got it back put on the apps i needed and everything great.

Get your self Juice Defender. That'll fix your battery problems (or at least improve them enough to notice)


Get your self Juice Defender. That'll fix your battery problems (or at … Get your self Juice Defender. That'll fix your battery problems (or at least improve them enough to notice)

Thanks for that, have just downloaded it, will see how it goes over the next day or so...

Your not going to get 24 hours use out of it if you constantly use it. Its only got 6 hours talk time on it.

Juice Defender regulates the phones usage, more importantly when your not using.

If you pay for Ultimate Juice, it allows you to make more complex changes.

It only turns your internet on every 15 minutes for enough time to sync and then it disables again. It can even turn everything off between two times (best for when your asleep and don't care about emails etc)
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Your battery will get better with time, i have had a desire for 2 weeks now and the battery has only just got to a decent state i wouldnt bother with juice defender as recommended by others

DO NOT run a task killer
make sure GPS and wifi are turned off when not in use.
i would recommend using ideally LOCALE, failing that TASKER to control things on and off at certain times and locations.
Turn your screen brightness down
turn "enable always on mobile data" off, its not necesseary, you will still get all your notifications
turn off background syncing an syncing of apps you dont use for example the (weather and stocks app) you can refresh the once you do use when you open the app anyway.
if you have to have things syncing turn the rate down to once every few hours or so.
get rid of any unnecessary widgets they drain the battery.

allow the phone to completely charge then drain it completely so it turns itself off then turn it back on (it will turn off again sharpish) repeat until the phone wont turn on any more then put on charge until the light is green before turning it on again (overnight is ideal). Do this a few times.

you will only ever get max a days usage out of it unless you put it into aeroplane mode when you are sleeping in which case you will see a decent increase in battery. the radio drains most of the battery.

if you live in a poor signal or poor 3g area you can expect slightly poorer battery due to the radio switching.

if you follow thesteps ive outlined you should get the battery to a state you should be pretty happy with if you do too much more you are going to be killing off everything you probably bought the phone for in the first place.

just remember they are powerful phones with large screens, they need lots of power you will not get massive amounts of life out of them they do need to be charged every day, unless that is you are turning off the phone itself and/or the radi using aeroplane mode.
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