HTC Desire HD

    Desperately need your huys help please.

    I am in need of the best deal on an HTC Desire HD please.

    Thought about the bay but have decided against it as it's a lot of money to possibly lose and have heard some not so nice stories about using ebay.

    I went into carphone warehouse and it says available on pay as you go (which is what i want), for 399.95.
    When i asked for 1 at the till, i was told the actual price was 499.95, despite the advertising on the shelf saying it was 399.95!
    Cutting a long story short i have e-mailed them with a strong complaint but in the meantime, was hoping some of you great dealfinders might be able to help me out.
    The cheapest i've found it is 459.90 through e2save and/or (but never heard of them), and these were on O2 (which i have) but would prefer an unlocked 1.

    Would appreciate any help you guys could give me whether it might be a straight deal or maybe using voucher codes?

    Many thanks and merry (early) christmas


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    Nobody seen any deals on this?

    Just so you know the e2save one is most likely unlocked.. as e2save are a part ofthe carphone warehouse.

    mobilefun is unlocked/simfree, i have 1 on order there but they don't have stock yet =/

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    Thanks guys.

    Yeh i spoke to the carphone warehouse and they said try e2save and that if it went wrong, i'd be able to take it back to CPW as they're part of the same group.

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    Anybody know if i get it from, if it went wrong, would i be able to take it in somewhere or would i have to send it back to play?
    Just noticed they've dropped their price n it

    mobilefun now have stock. just so you know. got my dispatch email today

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    Cheers for that

    I have a brand new one received today - on Orange that I am planning on listing on this for sale forum tomorrow. Interested at all? (Assume I am allowed to reply in this manner - apols if not).


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    I am still looking at getting 1 but i need it to have a warranty and be so that i can take it back if it goes wrong.

    Not 100% sure where the cheapest place to get 1 is or whether to buy "private" ....

    I am not sure of the situation on is brand new so has whatever warranty Orange is no problem for me to provide the receipt if you were interested and/or assist in sending it back via me if that ever became necessary - however, I cant of course provide a personal warranty given I dont know what they do and dont honor as part of the warranty.

    I have listed the hanset with PICs on the forum if you want to take a look:…264

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    Thanks for that.
    Shame it's on orange as i'm on O2.
    I don't really wanna pay that for a phone and then still have to mess about with it before i can use it.

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    FYI - i just ordered the HTC Desire HD sim free + Free Cradle, Case and charger pack + 3 months free insurance for £432.25 delivered.
    Was the cheapest and best deal i found.
    Also if Quidco tracks i'll get another £13 off which will bring it down to £419

    Item / Stock Qty Price Total ------ … Item / Stock Qty Price Total ------ ---------------------------------------- --- ------- -------- 204815 Desire HD + Free, Cradle, Case and 1 387.23 387.23 Charger Pack In Stock 187174 5% discount on smartphones till midnight 1 -19.36 -19.36 04/01/11 In Stock ------ ---------------------------------------- --- ------- -------- 367.87 Shipping Info 0.00 VAT (17.5%) 64.38 -------- Total 432.25 --------

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    TIP: Many reviews say the original Desire is better than the Desire HD.

    Having used the Desire HD the battery life is AWFUL.


    FYI - i just ordered the HTC Desire HD sim free + Free Cradle, Case and … FYI - i just ordered the HTC Desire HD sim free + Free Cradle, Case and charger pack + 3 months free insurance for £432.25 delivered.

    Hi where did you find it for this price?

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