Hi, what do you guys think?

    I went for an upgrade with vodafone, i wanted a htc desire hd or a htc desire, first few calls last week, they kept saying £25 a month for 600mins, internet, and a one off fee £50 for the original htc desire.

    I put in a cancellation request last week, i phoned today and said i want a new line so i took a nokia e72, with 300mins, unlimited internet and unlimited texts=£15 a month!!!

    Then i said what can you do for me, im currently paying £12.50-600 mins, unlimited texts and landlines, so he said what do you want?
    quoted that i wanted hd desire, he said we can do it for £17.50- same tariff but with internet, what a result i think!


    but your now paying for two lines at £27.50 per month in total.....if im correct your now paying more!!

    So did you take the E72 or the Desire HD? Confused

    Original Poster

    17.50 for the hd desire
    15 for the e72-thats for my bro in law

    Desire or desire hd

    Original Poster

    desire hd

    Brilliant mobile.

    Original Poster

    should i sell it or keep it/
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