Heres the deal, can you tell me what i should do?

    at the mo, im paying 10pound for 800mins, texts and net.
    if i take the hd desire, i will pay £20
    if i take the hd desire hd, i will pay £25 a month
    what shall i do?
    i dont intend to keep the phone you see. i want to sell as i have bought a iphone 4


    I would go for the HD as I heard it's much better, plus you'll probably be able to sell it for more at the end of the contract so that can negate some of the extra cost (or that might just be me, when I've got decisions like phones I make up reasons to justify things like this!).

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    maybe i will, il think about it. thanks


    Depends on the difference in sale value between the desire and the HD. Can you get 24 x £5 more for the HD than the Desire?

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    PROBABLy yes

    if your not planning to keep it i would suggest you figure out on which model you make more money on and buy that one

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    im just thinking, is it worth it or shall i just stick with my sim only, il think about it, thanks guys

    what network - presume this is a retention deal? if not post it up and share

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    the deal i have been offered is 25pounds a month, 1st month half price, 800 mins, texts, 1gb data.
    But they may get the iphone 4 so i may wait to get that and yes i was offered this after haggling with retentions

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