HTC Desire HD faulty GPS

    So ive had my HTC desire HD, on Orange from orange store, for a good month or so now. Love the phone..... but....
    The GPs wont work anymore. Ive tried the usually complete factory reset etc but the GPS still won't lock in.
    Any advice on how to go about getting it fixed. Its a hardware fault, from what ive seen a few other have had a similar problem although no one has said how they got it sorted.

    Do i just go instore and tell them they sold me a dud phone? Any advice is useful. It's a bit of a trek to get to my nearest store.

    Oh and to add to matters the micro SD just went. DOH


    You ring them and they send a courier with a replacement phone and take yours away,

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    Sorry im a complete novice with this stuff. is that contact orange or htc? lol
    Cheers tonyg1962

    orange will replace the handset if its under 6 months old or if you contact htc , they will just replace the faulty part.

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    Good stuff, getting it sorted. Thanks peeps
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