HTC Desire HD - USB Disk Drive mode does not work..only charges the phone when connected..why??

    selected 'Disk Drive' on the phone, but when plugged in to my PC, My PC picks up a removable drive, but when you click on it, it says 'please insert drive' then the phone just charges through the USB. I've tried looking this up online but nothing would do the trick.
    Does anyone know how I can get the disk drive to work?? it is because of all the T-mobile branding/firmware pre-installed on the phone that is stopping the disk drive mode from working??


    At a wild guess you may need to approve memory card access on the phone

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    how do I do that? I couldnt find any options about approving memory card access on the phone...

    enable pc sync on phone?

    This happened to me. Basically you may have selected charge only, from the options for when usb is connected. And ticked the box saying not to ask again. You need to go into settings and change settings. Also restart the phone to clear any temp files in the memory.
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