HTC Desire - info wanted!

    Hey, I've been looking for a while for a HTC desire and the best deal i found was the beepy mobile one for 18months. I looked at the O2 deal which buys the handset for £285 but then you have to get a contract on top of it... am I missing something but it seems to be very expensive! Any advice on tarrifs/deals?

    The point of this post is to find out if anybody knows when new stock for the HTC desire will be coming to the UK on T mobile, i heard there have been delays in producing the AMOLED screens.


    Most places have a backlog of orders which will prioritise existing customers and those waiting the longest. I would say 1 month wait. Question is how quickly can HTC switch production to not Amoled screens. Three have stated 29/July to me but that is no guarantee.

    Nice phone but is the wait worth it?

    I would recommend the phone but beware of people advertising stock in a couple of days (never use dialaphone) sometimes its quicker to go through the network operator direct . They will send you a text when stock becomes available

    wouldn't hold your breath, i been waiting 7 weeks now and still no word. Thinking i might go for a galaxy s on exactly the same deal but not sure yet
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