HTC Desire on 3 - how do you get it "factory unlocked"?

    Am due one on an upgrade which I'm planning to sell. Obviously unlocked is going to add some value, so how do I get it done "properly"? Don't want to mess around with software/firmware upgrades as I want to sell as brand new & unused. Cheers.


    The proper way is to call 3 and ask them for the unlock code, you type it into the handset and it's unlocked, for life.

    You can try and buy a code online, it may work, it may not, the proper way though is to call your network provider (3 in your case)

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    Thanks - but seeing as it has JUST been issued under an 18m contract, will they really just give a code? Anyone know if 3 charge for this?

    not sure how 3 operate but with t-mobile, you need to be 3 months into your contract and it cost £15 to unlock.

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    Anyone aware of 3's policy on this? Cant find much info on their site.
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