HTC Desire With Free Laptop Deals

Found 16th Feb 2011
I know this is a long shot.....

The Wifes phone contract is up for renewal this month - and she has her heart *SET* on a white HTC desire. Co-incedentally her laptop is knackered

Any about? Dont mind if the tariff is a little high!
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You will make a massive saving by buying them separately!

Typical desire contract: £25 a month for 300 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited data, 24 months.

The sort of laptop they give you with it (a craptop) £150

Buying it together as a 'free gift':

£45 a month, desire will get like 50 mins and 200 texts and no data, but OMG FREE LAPTOP!!!1!11!

Point is, buying it seperately would save you a lot of money, and/or allow you to buy a laptop that humans can actually use without smashing their head against the keyboard.
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