HTC G2 Touch - looking for tutorial to turn it into a router


    Looking for a tutorial on the net to make my phone into a router(?) so that I don't have to use a dongle on my laptop - basically turining the phone into a wifi hotspot. Grateful to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

    Will this replace the current firmware (1.5)? I hope so as my phone's really buggy and if it's not crashing/freezing it's giving error that firmware wouldn't be missed.

    Hope this makes sense...Thanks for any tips!


    have you tried searching for an app?

    is this what you mean?…163

    Original Poster


    have you tried searching for an app?is this what you … have you tried searching for an app?is this what you mean?

    Cheers bud - not seen that and will give it a try.

    Will still need to change the software though, but this should get me internet access when I'm away.

    Rep left.:thumbsup:
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