HTC HD -pay monthly good deal?

    Hey, really interested in buying the new HTC Desire HD
    sent off a letter to cancel old contract but thought I would ring up vodafone today anyway to see what deal i could get
    only want 18 month MAXIMUM.

    can get for 18 months:
    300 mins
    unltd text
    unltd internet (500mb)
    with handset for 83 quid
    25 quid per month
    = 533 quid in total.. is this a good deal?


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    Your bumping your post after what - 10 minutes?

    Get a grip!

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    Your bumping your post after what - 10 minutes?Get a grip!

    cheers for the help ^^

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    try here

    cheers for that looks like ive got a nice lil deal then
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