HTC HD2 apps, best ones?

    Hopefully getting one of these mobos soon, so wanna get genned up on what to get in the way of apps, games (free?) etc... any help would be great


    check out
    cool stuff on there!

    I have loads of programs on mine, mainly ae button plus (to remap volume keys to arrow keys) and freda (epub ebook reader)/microsoft reader (lit ebook reader)

    Other than that, just depends on what you use your phone for!

    oh and make sure to download skyfire (flash winmo browser), xda-developers for the new facebook app (much better than the one that comes with the hd2) and BSBtweaks (that needs netcf 3.5) which allows you to do loads of common tweaks, including adding rotation and multitouch to programs that don't support it out of the box.

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    Thanks czar.nik, loads for me to check out, rep added,
    anyone else?

    i've probably got a shed load more to share but just dont wanna seem like an uber geek from the off lol

    Are you looking for any specific programs?

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    anything really, new to all this mobile wizardry, my little un has got an ipod touch (I know its not a phone) but the things he's got on there is amazing, definitely need some things to occupy me at work!

    Evernote (.com) - amazing magical locker for all my crazy ideas that somehow makes them transfer from my phone to my pc without the use of wires or mirrors. :thumbsup:

    Train Track (from microsoft marketplace) - lovely colourful pretty app that gets me to work on time (not that that's always a good thing) and does everything I need for train travel. Completely indispensable and nice to see a travel app that looks more slick than my mates iphone app :friends:

    Co-Pilot sat-nav is amazing, it's like playing a computer game but then you have to remember you're driving a real car. :w00t:

    MyPlayer lets me download things from iPlayer to watch on the train.

    Yomomedia is a nice rss app that lets me configure all my podcasts on a web page on my pc then view them on the phone.

    And Asphalt 4 is a pretty good driving game. :viking:

    Groovemobile is like spotify on your phone but without the adverts! Interface needs work but once you've got the idea it lets you listen to any song you can imagine for freeeeee. :whistling:

    Hi, just read your earlier reply, i am interested in train tracker for my HTC HD2, went on MS Marketplace but coming up blank , any advice, also i am having lots of issues with the phone, freezing, white screening or not powering up , again any advice ? cheers
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