HTC HD2 how to unlock?

    can anyone advise me how to unlock this phone...i bought one on tmobile and need it unlocked for o2. Will it be unlocked in the box or is that unlikely?
    im quite handy on the computer so could probably software unlock if there is a program avaliable ?


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    have you unlocked it now? so best bets is just ebay then i guess

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    Cheers rep'd. although don't scare me by saying you sold it after two days

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    nope iphone..but used someones htc hd 2 today and decided to swap it


    the porter;8186813

    you cant unlock it yourself i tried its a ****** the hd2 i also tried … you cant unlock it yourself i tried its a ****** the hd2 i also tried some codes from sellers for around £7 and none of them could do it but you might have more luck check ebay they do refund if they cant find a code,using hardspl its easy enough to use cooked roms but thats about it

    I used

    Sent me the code in an hour and worked perfectly.

    20 Euros.

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    i haven't sold my iphone yet ! but it is a 3gs so i should sell it for more than i payed for my htc
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