HTC HD2, Satio or N97?

    I'm not sure which to go for, due an upgrade soon and I'm in need of a up to date phone.

    HTC HD2 has a lovely 4.3" touch screen and is easy on the eyes, the n97 has its keyboard and 32gb internal storage and the satio has a 12 megapixel camera.

    Does anybody have any wavering comments about these phones?



    htc hd 2 has got some really good reviews have a look on youtube they have some great reviews on there

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    had a look at an unboxing video, looks really nice and not many bad points to be had, i'm wavering towards the HTC HD2 a lot, thanks.

    Let's see what do you want your phone for ?

    The reason why I asked is because I own a Nokia N97 since June or July 2009 and I thuoght it was the best phone ever until Christmas.

    The reason why I wanted the N97 is because in my mind it had everything that the Iphone has plus the massive benefit of having a keyboard. Main reason why I got it.

    Now the N97 has got everythin the space, the features, OVi store, GPS,.etc and until Christmas I thought it was even better than the Iphone, but then I got given an Itouch as a present and having play the Itouch games is like comparing game wise the N97 (Gameboy colour) against the PSP (Itouch, IPhone) the games and apps are just way ahead and a lot better than the N97.

    Also the Itouch is extremmely fast and responsive whilst the N97 still have it's hiccups.

    So if you want a phone to use it for gaming as well I would say is a no brainer go for the Iphone, but if you need a keyboard and are not bother with the games the N97 is a better option. Currently I carry the Itouch and the N97 in my pocket not ideal but it does the job for me.

    I wonder whether I should sell the N97 and get a cheaper phone with keyboard. Or maybe I should sell the N97 and Itouch and get myself an Iphone but then I won't have a keyboard, arrgghh decisions decisions.

    Hopefully my experience can help you a bit.

    Hd2 for sure and there are some mega cheap deals listed on here from virgin...

    Just got my hd2 this week and love it, still trying 2 figure out how 2 use everythin there's so much it'll do. Best thing 4 me is i can hook it up 2 my laptop and have internet anywhere I go...:thumbsup: love it great phone.

    HD2 hands down

    Doesn't look good for the Satio then?
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