Htc hd3/supersonic I'm excited !!



    And I thought you were just pleased to see me! :w00t:

    So its an Android with Oled screen. Should be interesting!


    the porter;7699614

    Allways pleased to see you squire :thumbsup:some conflicting views on the … Allways pleased to see you squire :thumbsup:some conflicting views on the amoled screen some say it is some say it's an LCD but it deffo ticks all the boxes march release date apparantly

    i'm not too keen on the red bits. i think the LG Apollo looks good too specs wise. the dual core snapdragon phones are going to be nuts!

    windows mobile 7 media edition has set its minimum specs quite high so can only mean good things!

    oh and did you know that the HD2 has an extra 128mb ram that you can unlock! full of surprises that one!


    Think that's my next phone.

    A combination of the hardware of the HD2 and the HTC Sense UI/Android.

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