HTC Hero 2.1 Contract Take Over

    I have recently purchased a contract for the HTC Hero G2 with the 2.1 software update on a 24 month contract. I have 21 Months remaining and wish to sell the contract due to other commitments. The phones deal is with T-Mobile and includes

    900 Minutes
    Unlimited texts
    Unlimited Internet (Fair Usage Policy)

    All for £25 per month !!!!!

    If anyone is interested please reply as we will need to sort out switching the contract over to yourself

    I will claim off the insurance if anyone is interested in buying this contract from me so then you will recieve a brand new, boxed, unused phone !!!!


    thats fraud!!!! claiming off the insurance when there is nothing wrong with the phone as it is!!!!


    Thread closed. Don't relist anything related to the above here pls.

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