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Found 13th Aug 2009
I am after a HTC Hero on Orange, not too bothered about minutes and texts, the most important things are;

- Unlimited internet (I can only find 500mb)
- 12 months contract
- Price per month less than £35 per month.

Can anybody help?

As a slight aside does anybody know of a good price comparision site for mobile phone contracts, they all seam a bit crap to me.



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a good price for comparisions is wwwDOTmobilecontractsDOTnet

cannot find anything on a 12m contract thats less than 35 a month. I am relatively new to the UK, and I could be horribly wrong, but i havent yet found good 12m deals on any decent phones.

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Great site, cheers dude


Great site, cheers dude

no worries..!!! someone just posted a good deal on the Hero earlier today on orange, but again its 18 month. If you do happen to find one that meets your requirements, let me also know. i'd be interested for sure.. :thumbsup:

Just FYI, even the "unlimited" internet tends not to be unlimited, vodaphones "unlimited" is subject to 500mb fair use policy. Tmobile is 1GB fair use with the standard plan and 3 with the "plus" plan.

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