HTC Hero OR Blackberry Bold 9700

    Hi All,

    I have just recieved my Blackberry Bold 9700 as an upgrade through 3.
    I am currently using a HTC Hero and i'm not sure which one to keep and which one to sell, just looking for some advice tbh i only really use my phone for calling and the odd text and wifi, but i love all the apps on my hero and not sure if they are available on blackberry.

    Rep will be added for useful advice.



    Hero. Infact, sell the Blackberry and by the HTC Desire....

    Original Poster

    hmmm not sure about the htc desire yet

    Mirrors above - Go for the Desire....

    Original Poster

    any idea what the blackberry still bnib would be worth
    also the hero mint condition totally unlocked and unbranded would be worth
    is the desire available on payg yet?

    can buy the desire for £379 if you google shopping it
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