HTC Hero Vs Tattoo ? ?

I have been offered the Hero (T-mobile) and the Tattoo (Voda) but the hero is about £2pm more expensive.

I am right in thinking that the Hero is a lot better, more expensive, more desirable and more feature packed. Aren't I ?

What are people opinions ?


The Hero seems to be better reviewed but it is too early to know for sure as Tattoo has only just launched.

Mobilechoice magazine just voted ]Hero phone of the year
Orange seem to be running good deals on the Hero at the moment - Have a look at

Don't forget to look for cashback on your purchases, as Orange and some retailers offer this via some cashback sites, such as Quidco.

This will help in terms of spec comparison:


As an HTC Hero owner I would be biased and say go for the Hero. It's the best Android set at the moment. The Tattoo looks ok but is more of a 'budget' Android compared to the HTC Hero. I got mine as an upgrade through ]http//ww…uk/ and used Quidco for £40 cashback, a code from here for a free bluetooth headset and cashback for my tariff!

i helped test the Hero for an oxygen based phone company. very good phone.
i'd choose it over the tattoo purely because it's capacitive. albeit, not as great as the iphones capacitive screen, but still..resistive in my opinion is horribly clunky.

Original Poster

Thanks guys and in regards to price plan, i been offered ...

• 700min
• unlimited texts
• unlimited internet

And a Free Hero for £26 p/m plus by quoting my mates number we both get £25 vouchers for most shops and unlimited calls to other people on t-mobile for 3months.


• 600min
• unlimited texts
• unlimited internet

and free Tatoo for £24.58 (or something like that, definitely began with 24 though)
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