HTC Hero wanted on upgrade

    I am due an upgrade at the end of the month on orange and want the HTC Hero. I currently pay £25 on the dolphin network for 400 mins (around 400 anyway) and unlimited text.

    Is the best thing to do just simply upgrade speaking to customer services on the phone (dial 150) or do I have a chance to do it online and get some cashback / other offers.

    I would like to keep my mobile number if possible.


    Speak to upgrades, if they give you the deal you want, then fine. If not ask for your pac code(you don't have to use it).
    That gets you to retentions (who have the better offers). See what they'll do for you.

    Just bear in mind, they have limits. Any offer is based on your spend over the last 6 months, if its not a lot the system won't let them do any big discounts. The contract has to cover the cost of the handset in the end...

    Apparently this is not the case? E.g its not just the last six months?

    That's what the system calculates offers on.


    That's what the system calculates offers on.

    Do you work for orange?

    Original Poster

    I have to wait till the 28th of this month before I can upgrade on Orange. It will be a long wait.

    Thanks for the info steve1221


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