Found 3rd May 2011
Hi guys,

Hope someone can help.
I've just connected my laptop to the net using my HTC desire hd phone.
Does anybody know if this will be free, (part of my net package on my mobile contract), or will there be an extra charge?

Thanks in advance


Would come out of your allowance most.likely, like me on t mobile and my galaxy.s

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Because i didnt think it was relevant. I just wanted to know whether anybody knew if it came out of your inclusive data allowance or not.
I'm on O2.

Cheers Daindian

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So i can just use my laptop through my phone connection and there's no charge and it doesn't come out of my internet usage?
Want to use it mainly for surfing but working nights and wouldn't mind watching a couple of episodes of 24 a night but believe that would eat up the data?
Is that correct?
Sorry but not very knowledgable on the subject.

Yeah bro I definitely would not use it for streaming. Definitely not! Seeing as an episode of 24 is probably around 350 mb and its doubtful you have more than one gig. It's a bad idea basically unless you have more money than sense. However If your connected to a free unlimited WiFi network it is fine, but I'm guessing you'll be using 3g so I definitely would not stream

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Thank you for the informative, (non sarcastic) reply Hazza

Seriously, cheers to you all.
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