Found 12th Oct 2009
Hi, ive had the HTC magic a fair few months now and despite trying many times to set up my hotmail account to the email app on there but have never managed to get it working. anyone who can help me gets a drop of rep thanks

also, anyone found any good apps or anything?

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you do have internet option on your phone account?

Original Poster

ye with 3g mate, another friend with the same phone hasnt managed to get his to work either

presuming you have got data connections switched on?, can you access the net ok?
also make sure you have got username /password entered correctly in the right upper/lower case.

Unless you pay for it you no longer get pop3 access from hotmail.

The best way to do it and save yourself alot of hastle it to set your hotmail account up tp automatically forward to the Gmail/Google account that you must have (that you set up the phone with)

then you only need to use gmail.
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