Found 23rd Nov 2009
Looking to buy a magic.

Budget is £25/mo. Looking for as little a phone cost as possible (
Must have unlimited data.

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There was a thread on here a while ago for a new magic deal.
I got mine through it and referred my friend last week,
She got a new phone (the magic!), 600 mins, unlimited text, unlimited internet - on vodafone for £20 a month for 24 months,
I got a slightly better deal of 900 mins, unlimited text, unlimited internet and unlimited landlines for £20 for 18 months,
Both on vodafone,

Ring the 08 number on their website and blag a good deal,

Original Poster

Can you show me the thread?…=12
This is the thread that I used,
Not sure why it's marked expired....

Hope this helps.
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