HTC or Blackberry? Can't decide!

    Just having a problem choosing a new phone to upgrade to.

    Theres the HTC Desire/Legend or Blackberry Torch?

    Really struggling to decide which would be the best as they are all brilliant phones.

    I'm swaying towards the desire but is there anything that makes one massively better than the other?

    Thanks in advance for the replies.


    i would go HTC,they rival iphone(infact prob out do it if u get the desire HD and above)
    blackberrys are good but there are so many released,support from RIM is non existant imo.
    also blackberrys slow down to a crawl after a while,even if u dont fill them.
    blackberry messenger is brilliant though,best chat i used but there is a cross platform one now called pingchat,basically like msn etc.
    im moving from blackberry to HTC asap.

    also the android marketplace is full of awesome stuff and cheap or free.
    blackberry its like £5 for a theme,some apps are £180 lol
    loads of stuff u never use,with android being quite open source it will have alot more to offer
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    iPhone preferably. Otherwise 100% HTC.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that mate. Made some good points there. Didnt realise they did a HD version of the desire so will have a look for that.

    Thanks again.

    OH got torch its terrible to use !
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