Have got myself the HTC, a few weeks back (not the HD). Have figured put most of the basics on it but want to utilise much more facilities.

    Have followed the PDF for the HTC which is OK but would prefer more graphical "how to" suggestions.

    Have linked phone to computer but not much happened...! With my Nokia, could go on computer and change phone numbers, create groups etc without using phone.

    Pleased with phone (poor eyesight, so ideal) but when lots of changes / settings to be altered I prefer to do this on my laptop.

    Anyone point this geriatric technophobe in the right direction please!!! ?


    might help if you say what phone you're talking about mate. You said you got "the" HTC. HTC have about 100 phones. I'd hazard a guess at HTC desire?


    if you're a technophobe why did you go for a smartphone?

    especially since you've got poor eyesight you went for a smartphone with a touchscreen as the only form of input?

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    Apologies, yes it is the Desire. I went for this phone becuase of the facility to enlarge text / pictures etc which is great for me. I can easily use the touch screen, just find it a bit tedious to do it that way when lots of changes to make. Assume can only input directly via phone from comments so far?
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