HTC S620 Smartphone

    Anyone own this phone? Getting one for free from work along with a £5 a month contract (50 texts 50 minutes) tariff ain't great but can be upgraded. My question is can these phones be easily unlocked? And If so will it affect the ability to use WiFi on it?

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    have a look here mate for info on the 620…309 and here if it needs unlocking (might be available free if you search xda-develppers) the unlocking wont affect your wifi either, id also suggest its with orange (and doing a lot of reading on the forums first!!) flashing it with a better rom, it ll make the phone a lot better, but i dont know wht your company will be like about you doing that. dont know if you ve used windows mobile before ive used them for years and love them but they take a lot of getting used to initially! if you need any more help let me know.
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