HTC - the worst customer service I've ever experienced

Found 1st May 2012
Does any one have the contact details for someone important at HTC. I've just wasted an hour on the phone to one of their "customer service managers" who freely admitted he couldn't any thing for me
It's a really long story but basically...

a) sent wildfire s in due to touchscreen being erratic
b) they sent it back having flashed the rom even though I'd reset it
c) sent it back in having been told would be returned in 7 days
d) hadn't even looked at it in 7 days
e) when they did asked for £47 to repair internal chipped plastic to bring device in to warranty
f) left phone in bits despite approving repair
g) did repair and discovered water damage so sent back OVER A MONTH LATER unrepaired

As a long time lurker on Misc I'm fully expecting this thread to back fire (i've even added tags to get you started)... all I want is an email address


Thanks in advanced!
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p.s. also like this if you've had your own terrible htc experience
And feel free to share!
See, this is what you get when you penny-pinch. Mobile phones are important, nay, essential to modern life. You should've bought an iPhone in the first place.
htc are awful, my phone let dust get under the screen ( i hadn't taken the back off or anything) and they said it wouldnt be repaired under warrenty as its not an issue caused by them.

Eventually after much moaning they did it for free but kept it for 4 weeks to fix
This was on watchdog a while back
OK... i'm willing to have a sense of humour about this (but i still need that email address!)
I'm the first to admit I penny pinched I had a desire s when they first came out but it was duff so I returned it for a refund
Having less than a year left till my contract expires and work starts paying I bought a cheap device to tide me other
It was fine when it worked but a nightmare when it stopped

Also I'm having an iphone next, not because i think its better than android (which I repair) but because they seem to VALUE their customers!

This was on watchdog a while back

aware of that now but didn't think to check it out BEFORE I had a problem
What about getting it repaired by the network you bought it from? I had to get mines repaired under 02 as i got white blotches on my screen after about a month of having it, 02 repaired it but it then came back with that problem fixed but dust under the screen. Complained again and got a new phone instead of having to send it off again. Wouldn't have liked to have went through htc though from what i have heard.
List is what you want then CEO list
just thank god it wasnt a Nokia, I wouldnt wipe my ass with one of their customer service emails...utter disgrace.
hi all thanks for replies. I bought the phone sim free to tide me over till my new contract. I went to the retailer who redirected me to htc. i tried the usual half baked legal arguments and have been given a uk complaints address.
These guys must be on a par with Nokia
I had a HTC. Worked well for a few months then started acting odd. Going through all the settings and reprogramming itself when charging the phone at night.

Woke up one morning and all the settings were in French. And even made calls to people at 4am....HTC were not helpful.

Still under warranty so asked me to send it back. I knew it would be 2 weeks++ Daughter needed a phone in a hurry, gave it to her and it has worked great ever since, so keeping hold of it for now.

I got an iphone and not looked back since
just got in and read the letter explaining they couldn't fix it. its from a company called regeneris not even htc. they didn't do the repair they said they were doing in warranty (the inside back case) which they agreed to do weeks ago. just sent it back as was. another reason they refuse to do a beyond economic repair is - price of repair exceeds value of handset! so if something expensive breaks you're stuffed even if its not your fault!
just found this thread after shocking experiences with their repair dept , they dont replace anything just send things back untouched (smart water proved this) , HTC are being scammed by regeneris because the work authorised is not being done! customer services just soft soap you with meaningless apologies. RIM had crap customer service and look what happened to them once the contracts were up

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