Htc Touch Diamond help

    Could I have some help please
    I'm trying to get onto the screen on this image:…jpg
    But I dont have a clue how to on my TOUCH DIAMOND
    Anybody help me


    tap the bottom icon that has a small bust of a person - tap the main screen - it lets you add photo's of your fave contacts. you need to go into menu and select new contact. when i did mine, i had to do each contact from scratch, only took a couple of mins to do them all cos you can copy and paste numbers etc

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    Worked it out

    once i had done mine, with each contact having the right photo, plus home/mobile/car phone numbers, i just went back into conatcts and deleted their individual entries, leaving just the one personalised contact for each person - does that make sense?
    btw - it's a great little phone

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    Can't say I like it that much tbh!
    Although I can see why many people would, I text loads and I need a keypad lol!

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    I want to like it, if you get me, but at the same time I dunno if I can do without a keypad

    i got used to the on-screen keypad really quickly

    stick with it - i think it's the best phone ever
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