HTC Touch HD contract advice sought

Found 22nd Jan 2009

I am interested in getting HTC Touch HD with O2 or Orange (whichever has the better offer). However, looking at the O2 tarriff, I cannot make up my mind to go with the 18 months or 24 months contract.

The numbers add up as something like this:

24 Months contract:
For the 24 months contract, I end up paying £720 over the two years but after deducting10 months half price line rental, I get total of £570. That equates to about £23.75 a month for the 24 months period.

18 Months contract:
For the 18 months contract, I have to pay £630 over the 18 months, deduction the 5 months half price line rental brings it down to £542.50. That means I pay about £30.14 a month over 18 months period.

While it sounds obvious that the 24 months deal looks better but Im not sure I want to be handicapped with an offer this long... like what happens if I lose the phone or it dies... etc.

Has anyone got any suggestions please.

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If you're worried about losing it or it breaking get insurance. Alternatively save your money and take a risk (you can always get something off eBay to tide you over if it does break). I would say the real question is can you last 2 years on the same phone, and personally I would say yes with this phone. I've had a HTC Touch for 12 months and changed then to a Touch Cruise, and I actually thought 'why am I changing, I still like this phone' when I changed.
From a different perspective, I would go for the 18 month one because you end up paying less for it (The major cost is the phone - the calls etc actually cost peanuts - the rental is all about paying for the phone in instalments). This phone costs £540 brand new from Expansys with no contract, so 18 months looks the better deal. I'd go for that one.
O2 dont do the Touch HD. (At least not direct they dont!)
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