Hello Everyone... Has anyone ever tried ordering anything through this website They have a lot of new mobile phones at extremely cheap prices and I am tempted to order a phone. This looks like a Chinese website and HTC Touch HD is for only 230.



    The website was only registered in China a month ago :

    Domain Name : shop038.comPunnyCode : shop038.comRegistrant: … Domain Name : shop038.comPunnyCode : shop038.comRegistrant: Organization : huiguangqing Name : huiguangqing Address : henanzhenzhou City : zhengzhou Province/State : jiangsu Country : CN Postal Code : 456333Created 03-Feb-2009


    If its too good to be true, it probably not.

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    The website was only registered in China a month ago ::thumbsup:

    wow thats strange. when i was chatting with him on the website, he showed me some order numbers for tracking, all of which were 29 Jan.. strange that someone could place an order without the website even existing.

    i'd give it a wide berth,,,

    Its a scam , ive seen it advertised on another site.You send your money and will never get any goods.

    99.9oo % of phones from Chinese websites will be fake.

    (oo - infinity)
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