HTC Touch Pro 2 - Is it a contender

I've seen quite a few people interested in this. I recently bought one and wanted to give a brief review. With a comparison to a couple of other phones i've had, in particular. The iPhone 3G.

Overall impressions are good. It's incredibly well made, much more so than the HTC Touch Pro i had. The sliding mechanic is solid and doesn't have that slight wobble you got with the older version. It's a fantastic looking device, few people already commented on it.. All starting to reconsider going for the iPhone 3GS..

It is a focused device - it's definitely aiming for the business market with straight talk and a loud speaker which is purely.. incredible..

The main two parts for me is they've finally made a screen that is pretty much as good as the iPhone capacitive one. It's amazing how responsive it was. If it hadn't of had that when i tried one out before buying, i would of gone for the iPhone 3GS.

Touch Flo 3D 2 has pretty much completely removed Windows 6.1 now, which is a relief. Nifty little things like tagging facebook profiles to your contacts which will automatically bring over images / dates of birth etc.

Basically - it's an amazing phone.. Very happy i purchased it. Keyboard is spot on.

Now.. Is it a contender again the iPhone.. Yes and no..

Because It's a focused business device and the HTC Touch Diamond 2 may be better for your average mobile consumer. But i think until they rehash the HTC TouchHD - this is closest you'll get due to the larger improved screen

Even though the browser feels so much better as the screen sensitivity is improved.. You will still miss multitouch - the little zoom in bar is a nice touch.. Ultimately though - they need to license multitouch as that really makes the difference.

App store - This is such a big thing in Apples court and people can yammer on all day about Windows Mobile having every application under the sun.. It doesn't have that general ease of use app store though, i'm really gonna miss it.

Otherwise i'm happy i didn't get the iPhone 3GS like i intended after selling my iPhone 3G. But there are some parts of the iPhone that i'm gonna miss.


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looks wicked
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