HTC TyTn II or O2 Stellar

    Anyone know if there are any good deals on this phone? Dont really want an 18 month contract. I have the orange spv 3100 but its knackered and they are now discontinued !!


    Had a quick look on Expansys, and it's not good news
    shows an 18month contract with Free phone and monthly £53!
    There are 12 month contracts, but you have to pay for the phone - all over £150 I think.
    Another good place to try is
    which is a site dedicated to reviews and forums on PDAs

    From what a head ache this phone caused me in setting it up, it has turned out to be 'THE' mobile device....

    I went with Vodafone, V1615 they call it. £35 a month for 18 month, 350 mins/1000text/500mb data and the handset was free, I think I had an extra 100 promo on the minutes....Sim free deals won't come cheaper than 370+

    I've installed a variety of TP apps on it, Tom Tom full, intelligolf, etc.. just be careful you don't install and brick's god damn heavy enough!

    Great phone, I would suggest a try before you buy...

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