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    I have a faulty htc hd2, the phone stopped working after it was charged using a OEM battery. It never turned on again. Its been like that for a few months. I want to know will they repair/replace the phone for free or will they charge me? I've owned this for about 7-8months.


    Give them a shout and ask them direct. Although, of OEM translates to third-party, if they ask, you, *cough*, were using an official HTC branded battery bought from an official HTC dealer.

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    How old is it, couldn't of been new when you bought it if you needed to … How old is it, couldn't of been new when you bought it if you needed to fit a new battery right away

    It was brand new. The came with an original battery , the oem was bought as a spare when I went abroad, so if the original runs out I have the other one.

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    Hi, I emailed htc about an hour ago and just received a reply. They said..

    ".I can confirm that your HTC HD2 is still within manufacturer warranty. We only require proof of purchase if the warranty date is due to end whilst the device is in for repair. Therefore in this case we will not need proof of purchase (Reciept).."
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