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Just wondering if on the htc wildfire you can play games that are on facebook, like frontierville and things like that, i dont play them but the wife does and noticed it says it has adobe flash but still not sure wether the games would work?




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cheers, can you on any phone?

I tried farmville on my phone a few months ago (HTC desire) and it worked but was very very slow (like to a minute or more to register a click) so yes you can play them but they're crap.

I think for some games (e.g. bejewelled blitz) there are apps for the iphone, but I don't think there are any for Android.

I don't think many (if any) phones will play browser-based games very well. They'd need a strong 3G or WiFi connection for a start so if you're only getting 2G signal, it'd be out of the question.

Best stick to games written for the specific phone. If you have a Wildfire, you should be able to find some on the Android Marketplace. Try Angry Birds if you haven't already.. such an addictive game!

It's amazing just how browser intensive games like Farmville, Frontierville etc. are, which sucks because theres no reason for it to need so much power to play, just more streamlined code.

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I love angry birds. Top notch game. I've got the iPhone 3GS myself but the wife Has got some really old pay a you go LG phone so wanted to get her a better phone for Xmas. My laptop just crashes every time she goes on frontierville. Dam laptops
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