HTC Wildfire-any good?

I really wanted a HTC Desire but the price plans have gone quite expensive and Vodafone haven't offered me any good upgrade deals and I rang up for my PAC and retentions didn't even offer me anything! I've just been looking around and noticed the HTC Wildfire which looks identical to the desire (and alot cheaper) and was just wondering if anyone had one and if they think its any good? Does anyone have any opinions on desire v wildfire? Is the desire worth the extra money over the wildfire? Etc...

Any help will be much appreciated


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Has anyone got a htc wildfire?!

Not been released yet. Should be available on Vodafone, T-Mobile and Virgin from Tuesday this week, although T-Mobile have gone very quiet on it all after announcing on twitter that they would have it.

My contract with T-Mobile runs out soon (I've got a G1) and can't justify the cost of the Desire. I've had a play around with them and the stuff that seems to impress most people is the android system and not anything particular to that phone. So, I am going to see what I can get from T-Mobile with regard to upgrading to the Wildfire.

It's basically a Desire "Lite"- smaller, slower with less megapixel camera.

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Thanks for that info pablotatt, rep added
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