HTC Wildfire from Vodafone to "3" using Skype and Messenger

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Found 8th Nov 2010
As many other here, I recently bought an HTC Wildfire from Vodafone (http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/htc-wildfire-vodafone-126-no-top-up/768877). I had it unlocked through Ebay to be able to use it with my "3" simcard which went like a breeze, but I've encountered some problems when I tried to access Skype, Windows Live Messenger and "My3". So, as I spent quite a lot of time talking with "3" tech service and then read many forums before finding a solution, I though I would share with you what I've found so you don't have the same headache.
So this will work for people on "3" with a non "3" HTC wildfire

From the home screen on your Wildfire: press Menu>Settings>Wireless & Network>Mobile networks>Access Point Names
Then press Menu>New APN
And fill like this:
Name: 3
APN: three.co.uk
Proxy: not set
Port: not set
Username: not set
Password: not set
Server: not set
MMSC: http//mms.um.three.co.uk:10021/mmsc
MMS proxy: mms.three.co.uk
MMS port: 8799
MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
MCC: 234
MNC: 20
Authentication type: not set
APN type: not set

Then press back until you're back on the wireless & Networks screen, and unselect Wi-Fi (turn it off)
Go back to the home scree, open you web browser and in the address bar type: http//mobile.three.co.uk/hb/…url
You are then on the main "3" page, go at the bottom and click on the Skype link, then download Skype.
Come back and at the bottom again click on messenger then download it.
Come back again and at the top, click on "My3" and save the page in your bookmark as "My3"
You can close your browser. (you can add a shortcut to your home screen if you wish)
Now open and install Skype and WL messenger and enjoy.

There is a little problem though. It may sounds obvious but don't forget that Skype and Messenger from "3" only works when connected on the "3" Network. So if you have plenty of data with you contract, no problem, leave the Wi-Fi off and that's it.
But if, like me, you're on PayAsYouGo and get only 150mb every 3 month, you might want to switch the Wi-Fi back on, and if you do, every time you're in your Wi-Fi range, the Wildfire will automatically disconnect your "3" data connection to go through Wi-Fi and therefore it will kill your Skype and Messenger. Something to keep in mind. You'll need to switch off the Wi-Fi every time you want to use Messenger or Skype. (Somehow my old N95 was managing to keep Skype connected while using the wifi for browsing it's a shame this one doesn't)...
I hope this will help a few of you


P.S: According to the "3" website Messenger doesn't work on the wildfire, but it seems to work fine on mine
P.S: Does anybody know when Vodafone will upgrade their wildfire to Froyo (android 2.2)?


thanks for sharing the info

Froyo hasnt been annoucned with a release date on any network yet, vodafone are usually one of the first to do it, Htc have only said "before the new year"

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Thanks for the info Winifer.
I wonder if I should wait or root...

LouPapy, thanks for the useful info. Aren't MSN and Skype free on 3, even you are on PAYG? So you don't need to switch Wi-Fi on to save your data usage?

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Yes they are free, but it's all the other apps on Android that use my data on the background. Maybe there's a way to control them, but I haven't find it yet.

Useful for all 3 sim users in non-3 branded handsets.

I also bought an HTC wildfire via vodafone which is now unlocked and with a 3 simcard. I´ve tried installing skype as per instructions above and it does not work. 3 sent me a link and everytime I click on it and ask to install skype or messenger I get the same message saying skype is unavailable for my phone (so I can't download any installation file for either skype or messenger). Three´s website says skype will work on my htc wildfire even if the phone was not bought from 3. Their customer agent kept saying they do not guarantee that but I think their website is quite adamant that it will. They then suggested I bought another phone from 3!!!! There is no longer any link from 3´s main page to download skype. I've also tried it from my3 link but again no success. Any suggestions? Direct page from 3? Will having wifi on prevent me from downloading skype/messenger for some odd reason? Have not tried that yet.....

it donot work for can u any other way to intall plant three which is bought form o2


Thanks ever so much. Got mine thru Littlewoods. Paid voda direct for unlock and did so. Hnting Internet for 3 setting I found this and it worked. Oh th mobile screws for three was no longer valid, but once I put just mobile.three.co.uk it was fine. Able to do whatever.

Really happy. Thnx

thanks for the settings works brilliantly 3 need to step up a gear
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