HTC Wildfire Internet?

    The wife just got the HTC Wildfire but is having problems with getting online on it. She just cant seem to pick her phone up like all previous phones and just browse the net. Can anyone fill me in and help out if they know whats wrong and why this is?


    do you want to go onto home wifi or your allowance with phone

    click on menu then settings then wireless networks... the if you want your home wifi then check the wifi box and then go into wifi settings etc .. if using your allowance then go down to mobile networks and check that box and then goto tomobile networks etc

    hope that helps

    Original Poster

    yeah just allowance with her network not wifi, cheers ill give it a go

    Its easy to use - I have it. Have you fixed it?


    Its easy to use - I have it. Have you fixed it?

    yeah ive got this phone aswell and loving it best Ive had so far.
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