HTC Wildfire Or Desire

    I am really after a HTC Desire, more so now after seeing the Giffgaff deal (

    However, I cant find a really cheap way of getting the handset without a long contract. Therefore, am considering the Wildfire.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can get the Desire (basic model) or is the wildfire worth investing in.

    Thanks in advance


    I personally wouldn't consider the wildfire. how long would you keep the phone for? there are some decent enough deals - dial-a-phone have a deal (redemption admittedly) for 18m on O2 that works out about £200 for the phone even if you never use the contract sim.

    we have two desires and 2 wildfires in the house and to be honest i dont see much difference, it all depends what your needs are, if using facebook, looking up stuff on the internet etc calling, text there is not much difference, maybe just the speed but as for screen yeh im a women but dont see a difference. lol I do love my desire but my teenagers have wildfires and happy with them.

    2 words:

    San Francisco.

    The hottest deal on this site, and it is better in every way compared to the wildfire except the camera.

    Compared to the desire it's worse, obv, but a San Fran is £99 and a desire is over £300!

    we got san fran too lol and pretty much the same as wildfire but only had a week so still trying it out, but unlocked fast and free and was 79.99 from orange with 10.00 credit.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys, is the san fran that good - I have seen all the deals, just a little dubious.

    The cost diff is massive, if it only down to the camera, then I could be swayed
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