HTC Wildfire Unlock Websites

    Has anybody used a website to unlock their wildfire from?
    I need to get mine unlocked but don't know which website to trust / is the most used etc.

    Anyone around to help?

    Thanks in advance


    Original Poster

    Just tried and unlock code not found!

    Original Poster worked within 15 minutes. Recommend using if anybody needs to unlock their htc wildfire.

    Jenny, how much did they charge to unlock your Wildfire?


    Found Mobile Unlocked (MU)whilst doing a search to try and get my HTC Wildfire on T-Mobile unlocked. After reading the reviews, I decided they seemed genuine enough to have a go. At first attempt, MU were unable to supply a code, which I half expected to be the case as the Wildfire is hard to unlock if it is less than 3 months old. MU refunded my money instantly, but asked that I try again using a different, slightly longer method (1-2 days rather than 15 mins). This I did and again initially this didn't work, but MU didn't give up. They tried a more expensive method, didn't charge me a penny more and were able to supply the code. Excellent, excellent and excellent. Thank you MU! Cost £22. Hope this helps someone.
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