HTML, adding a flash script, help please.

    I am trying to add a flash script to my HTML.

    What I am trying to do is have am information ticker scroll across the top of the screen. I have found a few free sites that let me add my own message and then just download the files, add them to my host index folder and then add the code to my webpage.

    The problem is I can get the banners to load, but no text comes along. This has happened twice using two different flash banners from different companies.

    Here is the code for one of them:…cab,0"/>WIDTH="600" HEIGHT="40">


    I have inserted the file fireworknews1.swf to my index folder and from this my website shows the banner with the fireworks moving in the background but I can't find from where it is supposed to read my script. Should there not be a text file that I need to insert so that it can read the script?

    Or am I missing the point?

    P.S. I have never used flash before but I assume it should be easily done just by adding the code to the top of my HTML page. And as I say it does find it but it can't serm to find the text.

    Any ideas, any coders read this site?


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    I have done another example and still no luck, this time just trying a simple call up for the java file to work but all it is showing is a white box where the menu should be.

    I inserted this script into my page:

    And put the following files into my index folder:

    myFlash.js should contain all the info needed to generate the menu onscreen and displayMyFlash.js should be used to call it.

    As I say it is calling something because all I am getting is a white box the same size and the same place on screen where I want it to be. But at the bottom of my screen it is saying "1 item loading" and just hangs there, the rest of the site is still operable but it's just the flash box that will never seem to load my data. It is now doing my head in!!

    not pointing out the obvious but have you got java & flash installed ??

    might be worth getting the latest version

    not really that hot in HTML, know the basics !

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    Lol, I have flash installed, I think. Never used this before, only ever coded in basic HTML.

    Lol, I will look silly if I haven't got it installed won't I?

    :):):):) yeah haha

    i know adobe have taken over flash so could be worth searching for Adobe flash player


    is the site live ?? i can check my send see if it works ???

    Original Poster

    I have just updated my plugins but still nothing. Yeah the site is live, I will PM you it, down the bottom you will see a white box, that should be it, well it's just a test for now to try and get the thing to work.
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