HTPC build advice

    Looking to build a HTPC for hd playback and ripping/backing up, music and light internet use. HD content being the most important so it needs to be fast and smooth. No tv streaming or gaming.
    Are there any motherboards people would recommend as i'm far from an expert and there are a lot of choices.
    Also looking for processors and PSU's.
    Thanks in advance.


    processor wise ......... intel core2duo minimum e4200 ......... hd = quick rpm but quiet so a seagate
    mobo would have to be a decent make ...... say asrock ...... psu you want quiet but fast ..... maybe an ocz

    best place to get advice is the on the [url][/url] website .......

    Original Poster

    thanks, yeah, i'm on the avforums site and have asked but wanted more opinions.
    this is the motherboard i've been looking at but wasn't sure if it would do everything i wanted without any problems. i'm wanting to output hd video and audio to my onkyo 606 amp then out to tv.…347
    looking at this cpu too,…663
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