HTPC case under £40

    Looking at building a HTPC, I have a list of components but need to find a decent media case for under £40. It will need to support Micro ATX or larger. I was looking at this…tml but it always seems to be awaiting stock and support tells me they do not know when they are likely to have more in.

    Your help is appreciated.


    The address you provided says

    This product is no longer available or does not exist.

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    yep seems they have now taken it down. any suggestions for a decent case?

    I use a Coolermaster Elite 330 which is an ordinary computer case. Wouldn't recommend it though and was looking for ideas myself.

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    For any one interested on an update I have found this case at dabs…tml which is budget and has some good feedback. hope it helps others

    Had a look at dabs. I would recommend getting a case with 120mm fan housing. They're a lot quieter than 80mm.

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    thanks for the advice, what do you tink of that case other than fan housing? looks alright to me for the price. some positive reviews and found some interal pics from a user of this case here

    It does look good. The PSU seems to be a bit noisy from what I can gather. This is usually the bugbear of HTPC

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    Yeah i noted that as well but might take the risk at this price with a view to change the psu if needed. will probably get one at the end of the month when funds are a little better.
    Thanks for all your input Loopijuce. Will keep you posted if/when I get the case.
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