HTPC setup problem! (Graphics hardware related - card recommendation reqd)


    My HTPC built using an abit Fatal1ty motherboard using the CPU to grunt power HD content is giving me gip! Its basically just using the onboard graphics (ATI Radeon 1200) for display (to remain completely silent)

    There are a couple of things I know that can cause the issues Ive got with it.... but thought Id throw it out to someone with a bit of know how!

    Basically, the display keeps cutting out. I only really use the PC for watching films, though its still a decent spec machine. This started about a week or so ago. My first thoughts were a bad connection, but its not that. Then I thought it might be the CPU or something overheating, so removed the cover to clean out all the dust, but it still continued. I know when its about to go, as the screen flickers a few seconds beforehand.

    I'm now thinking its probably just the onboard graphics and thinking about buying a 16x PCIe card (I dont need anything powerful - but needs to be quiet!)

    Anyone had any similar problems and found a workaround? Or should I just buy another Revo instead! Is it likely that bypassing the onboard graphics will solve the problem or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    PS..... no trolling please....We've all heard the "ungrade to Windows 95" stuff before!



    It may be a HDCP issue between your PC and TV?

    Maybe try using a graphics card from another pc just to test?

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    It may be a HDCP issue between your PC and TV?Maybe try using a graphics … It may be a HDCP issue between your PC and TV?Maybe try using a graphics card from another pc just to test?

    100% Not the problem. Its doing it displaying anything - not just movies. However..... I do think I've cracked it! (So far so good!)

    I'm using the HDMI connection. A short while ago, the display went kaput and I had to go into properties to change the setting. I found that only 1900x1200 filled the screen. (All other settings had a narrow band of unused screen.) So since then, Ive displayed at 1900 x 1200. Talk about putting a strain on the display!

    Its been about an hour since changing to 1280 x 720 and so far its been behaving. However, I still have that narrow band! I can remember sorting this - from within the catalyst settings, but annoyingly, cant see where. Also, I'm unsure which hertz setting to use from within properties. (I have an option for 50, 59 and 60in the settings!)

    Im currently updating the catalyst drivers - which as ever with ATI stuff, is problematic!

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    Oh well...... despite what looked like being a fix, it still has the blackout problem, so now looking to buy a graphics card. The CPU is an intel c2d E6600 on an abit Fatil1ty motherboard.

    Not looking to spend top dollar (I never play games, but I guess the kids will want to!)

    Looking currently at this one... though I'm sure there might be better / cheaper cards or maybe more expensive, but more bang for bucks.

    Any helpful advice appreciated.

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    A graphics card won't fix that issue most likely, you need to just play … A graphics card won't fix that issue most likely, you need to just play in the drivers (good luck with ati). I've solved this by setting the resolution I want, turning off the PC, on the TV if you can set input labels label the PC's as PC, and make sure you're using the right one for a PC (most TV's have one HDMI for PC use), and then turn off the TV, turn the TV back on, then start up the PC, it should start up and work fine after that and not need to be done again.

    LOL... I hate ATI also (hence why I was looking at an NVidea card!)

    The problem has only just started. I have attempted to update drivers, but even on boot I get an error message "mom implimentation failure". I'm unable to update the catalyst software because I cant uninstall (and a straight install just ends in failure!)

    Not sure why this has literally just started. And I'm using an HDMI switch box. (TV only has 2 HDMIs - and to many boxes to connect. Suppose I could just plonk the PC in one on its own!)

    I'll have a pop at that.. but in the meantime.... is that a reasonable card - or anything else thats a better deal / option?

    Oh... and the HTPC is running Vista. I know I should just wipe the drive and start over with W7 and XBMC - but too much stuff to move over first!

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    This is a fair bit better:'s the … This is a fair bit better:'s the cuda cores that do the HD decoding etc. And the 430 has 96 instead of the 48 of the GT220, the 220 will work for what you need but for the same price it's silly to get it over the 430, this one is £7 cheaper but has no pic or info but tthe same title (model number is one letter different)

    Cheers... Weird.... they do seem exactly the same.

    I can see it handles the audio via the card and HDMI.... If I wanted to send the 5.1 Audio via SPDIF direct to the amp in the same way as current.... I assume that would be the same method? Annoyingly my AV amp has HDMI, but doesnt carry audio out. (ie not a problem when watching using surround sound - but annoying when just wanting to use the TVs speakers - ie late at night!) Amp is a Sony DA1200es
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