Groups dodgy site?

    a parent on another forum has ordered a ds from these folk

    though legit as it looks the other ppl esp on ciao expose it as a rather dodgy site where the stuff is not the uk version and the postage isnt on time etc

    anyone used this site? got any thoughts?

    maybe someone cud do that whole back ground check on the site that i've seen on here...


    Original Poster

    just an update - its like some people on other forums are gettin them and some are gettin them really late etc

    see what it comes up with. you would seriously be a fool to order from this website. its a scam as it claims to be a UK company but they are not. warranty is not available in the UK for any of their products as they are foreign and communication is terrible. the address given by them is not their company, it is infact a lingerie shop in america, which is weird. they do not offer refunds despote their claims and will scam you and run away with the cash. please be carful.

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