is very cheap, but is it legit?

Found 30th Jul
So this website is half the price of every other retailer for the item I want to buy. Seem to have many good bargain prices. When I google them for a safety check if you like, can't find anything, no reviews etc.

From what I can see by going to checkout, it is an Australian based site, but even then it still offers free airmail shipping to the UK.

Seems to good to be true really and I guess that is probably the answer to my question.

So a long shot really, but I don't suppose anyone has used this site before and can give any verification or recommendation of it?
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Already alarm bells should be ringing just from your own research of the site.

No PayPal as well, makes it even more dodgy (for me personally), yes I know not every site offers PayPal.

Edit: Their checkout page doesn't even use SSL, stay well clear.
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My browser blocks that site, so I can't even see it
click on two links on that web site:-

1. Contact us.
2. Shipping & Returns

Then you decide whether it is worthwhile buying using £100+ Section 75 credit card protection, if required.
According to website only 21 days old with registrants details hiddenby the registrars being Xin Net Technology Corp, which are of dubious repute. shows website operating out of the USA.
It is not an Australian based website. If it was, why have they spelt the word Jewellery as in the American spelling of Jewelry.
It gives the impression of being an Australian site by defaulting to Australian zip codes and states etc when you go to checkout.

Good advice/info guys. Definitely avoiding. Some of the item prices themselves are just to good to be true before the additional info.
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