Found 28th May 2008
have you seen this site its most perculiar
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surely thats some sort of scam
I've had emails offering me free bids but only when purchasing other bids ? :?
Currently a 37" Panasonic TV has been around the few minutes to go mark for ages, then a huge amount of bidders appeared pushing it to over an hour to go..

Now by my working out, currently at £434.70 divide that by £0.07 gives you 6210 bids so far (these cost the bidders 50p) so £0.50 x 6210 = £3105 taken by the site on this item alone.
This item is fixed at £98 to the winner and claims to be worth £1099 so if we assume Telebid paid full RRP for it, they need £1001 to break even.. currently they stand at a profit of £2104 on this to date... I'm sure it will continue to skyrocket.

If you do decide to use the site, please read the help section of the site and understand what you are doing before you go chasing that bargain....

One other thing, the £20 voucher they give you CAN’T be used for bids, only against a successful win… This isn’t clear unless you trawl the help either…

OMG thats a great idea - smart website
a ds just sold for £10.36 which is £74 that isnt bad
£500 Cash!
Winner: Tkomm
Ended: 9:20pm
End price: £53.69

why do the auctions keep pausing??
TeleBid auctions are active between 6:00am and 1:00am

funny how they are still on then eh
Bit of a con if ya ask me..every bid goes up by 7p but it costs you 50p per bid :s.
lol this sites funny someone must be making alot of cash...

some of the stuff seems to go cheapish but seeing as each bid costs 50p? its not that cheap... lol

some of stuff goes for over the "Worth up to" value aswell which is funny... why would someone pay over the odds for something via a bid system they have to pay to bid on:|:|
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