Groups is it reliable?

    Hi has anyone used the above site for unlocking? Is it safe and reliable? thanks


    What phone is it?

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    Nokia 6300 black locked to 02 uk

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    They're offering the unlock code for £2.89 which sounds pretty cheap. thanks

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    Any thoughts guys? thanks


    Unlock systems is Cell Unlock and they are NOT ok!

    I complained in time, which is why I got a refund, but check THIS out!!!…tml

    By the way, in my research on the web I found out a lot. There are different ways to unlock. It's all very complicated, but the phone companies are making it harder and harder to get around their locks.
    Some phones only stay unlocked while on, and you have to re-enter the code when you turn the phone off and on; some cannot be unlocked with a code at all and need a hack solution. Some can't even be hacked, especially the newer ones. The latest Nokia firmware flash (a flash upgrade wipes your phone and puts new version on) for my N95 8G, v31, while it unbrands the phone (removes the vendor's own version), saves and restores the lock file, and is unhackable.
    If your phone does not yet prevent it, a solution is to get a Rebel sim-card, which fits in with your own sim, and translates your sim-card vendor id to the phone. This is cheap and although it leaves your actual phone locked (and warranty protected), it doesn't matter because you can still use any sim with it.
    Or hand the phone in to a cheap shop advertising unlocking, to get it unlocked via very expensive hardware (£3000) for half the price probably. Hopefully nothing will go wrong! How do they look?!
    Otherwise you'll just have to fork over the fee to the vendor (but if you have had the phone on a non-business contract for a year they may not charge you, since they've recouped the phone cost on the contract.)

    So in summary:
    Try a rebel sim-card or hack the phone (Google it).
    Failing that hand your phone in to a cheap shop.
    Or cry on your vendor's shoulder. :-)

    I agree with antandcharmi - they're no good, said they could unlock my Blackberry Pearl, so I paid £3.51, they couldn't do it in 24 hours but said wait for another 2 days - I waited then they emailed to say they couldn't do it and they'd refund the money. I checked today (1 month) later and they didnt refund me, so I wrote saying I was complaining to Paypal and got an email within 10 minutes saying they'd refunded the fee - don't trust them!
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